weekend booty

finds of the weekend:

Bob Dylan In His Own Words – A 1978 British book with excerpts from rare interviews.
Bob Dylan Uncut Legends #1 – A kick ass British magazine honoring the man.
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks Remastered SACD – Already my favorite album ever, had to hear the remastered goodness.
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks LP – Near mint condition, original 1974 Columbia release.
Hank Williams Live at the Grand Ole Opry – The title says it all.
Hank Williams The Biography – the Colin Escott biography.
Hank Williams Snapshots from the Lost Highway – Great photo book. Needed for some upcoming tattoo work (don’t read that mom).

also, the coolest levi motocross jacket known to mankind and a few pairs of levi’s (i’ve always hated levi’s but i found some that fit, so i bought all of em, dagnabbit)

on the way: 3 new Drag the River LPs, a new wallet (Live to Ride, Ride to Live!), and boots. ah yes, boots.

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