The Pogues, Dublin, London

I’m back from London and Dublin and seeing The Pogues (twice!). The trip and the shows were amazing.

I took about 120 photos and a couple videos – the first part of The Old Main Drag in London and the first minute or so of Fairytale of New York in Dublin. I managed to resize the photos, and I’ll go through and put a few of the better ones up every day or two, if anyone is interested.

More later.

:: Update ::
Added 9 photos to get things going. Enjoy.


The 13 year wait was definitely worth it!

Joey Santiago is one of my favorite guitar players, and to finally see him do his thing – wow! Lived up to every expectation.

And Kim Deal! Let’s not forget KIM DEAL!!! My favorite female voice…

The Pixies definitely did not disappoint – near perfection!