way down the road.

long day from minneapolis to chicago to sf, but i’m back.
saw some great folks, met some great folks, had a good
time, and recharged the ol’ battery a bit.

many thanks to the residents of nootopia. they always
seem to have exactly what i need, and remind me
exactly what it is i like about this world.

pics are up.

hard travelin’

i just purchased my tickets, and i’ll be takin’ that big ship in the sky to minneapolis, then off to wisconsin, this friday. flyin’ back here next wednesday.

going to go spend some time with dear friends. i still feel bad for having cut the visit short last month, so hopefully this trip will make up for it a bit. at the same time, i really need this trip right now. need to get away and see if i can’t clear my head and just forget about things for a few days.

if the lucero show happens sat night, that will be icing on the cake. hope it does. i’ve got a lucero project in the works. pics coming soon (if it works out).