weekend booty

finds of the weekend:

Bob Dylan In His Own Words – A 1978 British book with excerpts from rare interviews.
Bob Dylan Uncut Legends #1 – A kick ass British magazine honoring the man.
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks Remastered SACD – Already my favorite album ever, had to hear the remastered goodness.
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks LP – Near mint condition, original 1974 Columbia release.
Hank Williams Live at the Grand Ole Opry – The title says it all.
Hank Williams The Biography – the Colin Escott biography.
Hank Williams Snapshots from the Lost Highway – Great photo book. Needed for some upcoming tattoo work (don’t read that mom).

also, the coolest levi motocross jacket known to mankind and a few pairs of levi’s (i’ve always hated levi’s but i found some that fit, so i bought all of em, dagnabbit)

on the way: 3 new Drag the River LPs, a new wallet (Live to Ride, Ride to Live!), and boots. ah yes, boots.

no, not that lucero

coming back from chicago, the flight attendant kept
stopping and looking at me, but not saying anything.
eventually, i order my drink, and she took that as
the opportunity to ask whether my shirt was for the
mexican singing sensation lucero…

i kindly replied ‘no’, and started to explain how these
boys were from memphis and maybe you’d like them,
they’re really good. but then i thought better of it and
just said ‘no they’re from memphis, tn.’

i received my cranberry juice along with a confused
look, and that was that.